An actor emotes through his face, voice, and body language. An actor is also known by his face and voice. Voice becomes a major tool for an actor, not only to establish an identity for himself, but also to excel in his art.

An actor needs to portray a gamut of emotions through his voice. This is done through voice modulation. Voice modulation is the art of varying the parameters of the voice to come up with a wide array of characteristics of the voice.

An actor also needs to perfect his accent and diction appropriate for the role or character that he plays.

Apart from this, he obviously needs to have a good voice quality, good tonality, throw, range, control, and endurance of the voice.

He also needs to re-live, or reproduce the original emotions in his voice during the dubbing sessions.

Rama Vaidyanathan is an expert in voice, speech and phonetics, and has worked with actors in various capacities like dubbing director, voice and diction coach, and voice trainer/voice coach, for many years, and has also trained upcoming actors at various acting schools.

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