what clients say

"I am an actor and a director too, and I can say that for any actor, his or her voice is a very unique part of their personality and identity. For an actor to become a star, a lot of things are needed, and a good voice and an excellent dialogue delivery, are definitely two of those things. Actors work very hard, and spend a lot of time and effort in training themselves, in various departments. One department which they should never neglect, is their voice and speech. Two things help the actor to instantly connect to the audience, form a bond, and to tug at their hearts---his eyes, and his voice.”
Arbaaz Khan
Actor and Director
In this superficial world everyone is on the lookout for pretty things..a pretty face, a good figure, great clothes and a great voice. As an actor it is essential to have a good voice. If you have a good voice that is alluring to the people, you are one step closer to getting that role. People don't want to hear someone talk if their voice is too high, not articulate, speaks too fast , speaks too slow or has a lisp. When the audience sees an actor on the screen, they expect perfection, in all departments. Hence, next to personality, voice and voicing skills are very important.
Ashmit Patel
Voice training is must for every actor to take performances to the next level. I have changed my dialogue delivery , dubbing style and the way I use my voice after taking training from Rama Guru (Rama Vaidyanathan) and I am not exaggerating, when I say that training with her has made a world of difference to the way I say my dialogues.
Allu Arjun
I know Rama ma'am for more than fifteen years. She introduced me to voice culture, breathing techniques and taught how to maintain good vocal health. Her guidance has helped me grow as a singer. She is one of the finest voice coaches in Mumbai. I wish success for her book and hope she keeps inspiring people just the way she inspires me!
Neeti Mohan
Discover Your Voice is an excellent companion for those looking to finetune their voice. The perfect guide for actors, singers, and others who use their voice for their profession! I have learnt a lot about my voice from the book and from Rama.
Shriya Saran
An actor's voice is a part of their persona. Can you imagine Dilip Kumar without his soft, rhythmic speech or Amitabh Bachchan without the baritone? It is an unmistakeable instrument of their trade! An actor may have the body of a god, but at least they must have the voice of a angle!
Roshan Abbas
The voice is as important as the face for an actor. A good voice can improve the intensity of a scene by leaps n bounds.... also a good voice alone cannot be of great help,; one should know the art of modulating his/her voice for the benefit of oneself. It’s an art. Many a times we are just listening to television as we are busy doing some work , but then suddenly you look up as you hear a particular voice ; that is because that voice attracts your attention due to the emotion and feeling it carries. To attain that you need to train your voice though some people are just gifted with it.
Narayani Shastri
Television Actor
When I took up anchoring, I had no clue about anchoring and voice modulation. I felt that I needed someone, an expert, who would guide me in this area. That is when I came across Rama Vaidyanathan, who taught me everything that there is to learn about the art of voice modulation, and about using your voice in the best possible manner. In fact, I get a lot of compliments for my voice and for my anchoring abilities, all of which I have learnt from Rama. I’m glad that I met her, and got an opportunity to learn from her.
Nina Manuel
Model and Anchor
I have undergone training with Rama-ji and have to say that it has helped me a lot to be able to say my dialogues better.
Kurush Deboo