Puberphonia is a condition where an adult male sounds like a woman. All boys have a girlish voice before puberty. At puberty, it changes into a low-pitched voice. In some cases, this transition does not happen due to various reasons.

Vocal Cord Paralysis

One or both the vocal cords can get paralysed due to various medical and neurological conditions. This results in hoarseness or loss of voice.

Cancer of Vocal Cords

Like any part of the body, cancer could strike the vocal cords; naturally, medical care would be necessary to save the voice.

Vocal Atrophy

With age, the vocal cords can lose their strength and elasticity. This condition is called atrophy of the vocal cords. This results in a weak and hoarse voice.

Injury or Trauma

Any severe injury to the throat region can damage the vocal cords.

Bowing of Vocal Cords

Bending of the vocal cords due to age and various medical conditions result in hoarseness.

Vocal Cord Infections

An upper respiratory infection can progress downwards to involve the larynx and result in inflammation of the vocal cords, causing pain, laryngeal cough and rasping voice with fever. These symptoms need to be treated by a doctor.

Vocal Polyps and Cysts

Benign growths sometimes occur on the vocal cords, resulting in hoarseness of voice, often needing medical or surgical treatment.