Mrs. Rama Vaidyanathan is an audiologist and speech language and voice pathologist by profession. After completing her graduation in Audiology and Speech Therapy from B. Y. L. Nair Hospital in 1985, and Masters in Linguistics from Mumbai University in 1989, she has been working in this profession for the last 29 years.

Her area of expertise and passion is voice training, and she has been a voice trainer for the last 15 years. As she was always interested in voice training she realized very early that she has to work on the preventive aspects of voice disorders. Actors, singers and other professional voice users who came to her with their voice problems, needed preventive skills the most. And thus started her journey of voice training and of educating the professional voice user, in preventive care.

Through years of work and experience, and working with industry bigwigs, she became an expert in training the actor for not only voice care, but also in effective use of voice, voice projection, voice endurance, voice modulation, diction, action correction and dialogue delivery.

Being a singer herself always gave her an edge in training the singers. She trains singers in acquiring the skill of singing from the stomach, using various facets of the voice like head voice, and using various skills like vibrato, yodeling etc.

She had this unique combination of a strong scientific background, therapeutic techniques, training modalities, and immense passion in acquiring skills required for training any individual for all his voice needs.

Having worked in the most prominent acting schools in the city of Mumbai, a number of reality shows, and having many prominent actors, singers, anchors and voiceover professionals as her clients, she has reached a position of immense strength and is a name to reckon with, in the world of voice training.

Her passion for training and excelling in this field took her to Portland, Oregon, USA, to train with renowned laryngologist, Dr. James. P. Thomas, where she honed her skills and learnt the newer and state of art techniques in voice training and voice therapy.