Voice Enhancement

To realize and get the maximum out of one’s voice, and improve it in all aspects.


The ability to keep on performing for long hours, days on end, as during reality shows etc.


Where one can change the various parameters of the voice, in order to add emotions to one’s voice, and to act through one’s voice.


Clear and correct pronunciation of any language.

Accents Correction

Accent is carrying the flavor of one language into another, usually of one’s mother tongue. This service can help you get over any such flavor that you be carrying into other languages.

Accent Production

When required for a particular role, the actor can be taught to produce accents so that he sounds like the character that he plays.

How To Dub

During the act of dubbing, one has to re-create and reproduce all the emotions in one’s voice which one did, while shooting the original scene. An actor can be taught line by line how to dub with ease and to perfection.

Voice Culture

Voice culture is the science of perfecting and using one’s voice effectively.

Voice Acting

The art of using one’s voice to emote.

Increasing Your Range

To be able to reach lower and higher octaves than one is normally capable of, with vocal exercises.

Managing a Performance